Courier (envelopes - packages)

Project Description

Documents: Documents sent are exempts from tax

(The following are the requirements for Colombia)

Packages: According to the Colombian customs legislation, all shipments must not exceed $2,000 of declared value and 110 lbs. Or the 50 Kg. weight, these shipments taxed on 16% VAT and 10% tariff of CIF value. Excluding goods with administrative or legal restrictions, except shipments that do not constitute commercial expedition. Excluding the assets of ART. 19 of Law 19/78 of universal postal Agreement.

Not included weapons, publications against morals, precursors, unauthorized by the prohibitions of ART. 81 of the Constitution. Dimensions: Do not exceed 1:50 Mt. What ever their size, or 3 meters, the sum of length and contour taken in the largest sense different from the longitude of the packages.